What is it like being a family with twins?

Welcome to our exciting mini series!!

I have reached out to a few families of multiples with some questions about our lives juggling bundles of joy, give you all a glimpse into our worlds and answer some of those questions we get every day!!

I thought I would start this series close to home with my very own husband Daniel kicking the series off for us!!

I have asked him to answer the following questions in his own words. Over the coming weeks, I have some exciting stories to share from other parents of twins and multiples, answering these questions and others similar to get more of an insight into the differences we all face as parents!

When did you find out you were pregnant with multiples? Did you have any idea before your scan?

We found out early at the 7 week scan.

We suspected because Tegan suspected, which was dumb logic but it checked out so I guess we can’t fault that logic (based on her showing so quickly) but also we both always wanted twins so we had that fantasy already in the back of our heads.

How old are your children now?

6 months yesterday

Do multiples run in your family?

Apparently on Tegans dads side which we weren’t aware of until after we announced to her dad.

What is the best thing about having more than 1 baby at a time?

I mean I’ve got 2 babies.

The future costumes are pretty exciting for Halloween and birthday parties.

What sort of pram do you have? Why did you choose the one you have?

we chose it because although it’s bulky, it’s the slimmer of the side by side prams.

it’s the Donkey pram, it’s pretty sick and we can use our cars seats and it’s not too heavy

How do you manage with more than one baby? (Some tips!)

Planning is key! Pre organise your feeds, your night time set up and your feeding station. Also fellas you gotta carry the load.

Your partner is amazing and well equipped for this but eventually, they are going to burn out. Do the feeds where you can.

Let her rest when she can.

Are your babies identical or fraternal?


Were your babies naturally conceived?

I mean… in my opinion the twins part was, but the egg was removed and baby created and given back so yes and no.

What are some of your top purchases for multiples?

Peter Alexander PJs wait do you mean equipment ok ummm

Swings are a God send, I don’t think we needed the small cot we could have gone straight to the big ones.

Oh, and the twin z pillow we were gifted is number 1.

How do you decide which baby to settle/feed/change if you’re alone?

You do the baby juggle!

Nah you learn the noises and the screams (eventually) you attend to the one who has legitimate issues and the other will self settle a lot of the time.

How do you tell your babies apart?

Short term: there is always something, a scratch, a pimple a mark to tell them apart

Leo: Has one elf ear and a smaller rounder face.

Jude: A few long hairs and a longer face.

Have you labelled your babies in any way to make sure you don’t get them mixed up?

Leo is a ninja turtle and always wears blue, Jude wears green.

We went from hospital labels to painted toenails to different clothes.

Do you have a set routine and if so are the babies all on the same routine?

Feeds are loosely 4 hours. 6am 10am 2pm 6pm 10pm 2am (in theory)

Always pre-prepare the formula.

Layout the nappies (and clothes if change time)

One is normally crying on time otherwise wake both, change first then feed.

Day feeds get to have a little post feed party where Night feeds it’s minimum contact, burp and back to sleep.

Tegan is a superstar and does all the feeds but 6 pm which I try to get home for and I do the 10 pm so she can get some sleep. When I’m not working we work together to get the feeds done.

I am sure that I do not need to hype you up for next weeks blog… But you’re going to want to set an alarm and be ready to find out how a mum copes with not just one set of twins… See you next week!

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